Z A C  T A Y L O R

P E R S O N A L  T R A I N E R

I was very lucky to start off my career travelling the world playing professional cricket, since then I have always followed my huge passion for fitness. Over my career I have immersed myself within the industry training a range of clients from celebrities to high profiles.

Working as head trainer and gym manager for News UK, I have a vast knowledge of the corporate training sector. Along side this I have also written various freelance sport features for The Sun newspaper and featured as a weekly columnist.


Offering one to one support (and group training sessions), I love developing and helping all types of people hit their targets and creating challenges for people who are wanting something fresh. Whether you are training for a big event or have never walked into a gym before, with hard work and dedication I can help you achieve those goals.


For more information or if you would like to chat about your fitness aims feel free to email me on zactaylor.fitness@gmail.com


I would love to hear from you.